Soothing Massage

Using Light to medium pressure, this massage aims at relaxing and reducing tension within the body. Long strokes are used to increase circulation, oxygen flow in the blood, and release toxins from the muscles. This massage is used for someone who has mild tension in the body and wants to relax.            

60/90min  $75/$90

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a firm press to sink deep into the muscles and alleviate more severe muscle aches. Using slow, connected strokes, trigger point work, and stretching this massage gives the relief needed and still leaves you feeling relaxed.          

60/90min $85/$100

Pregnancy Massage 

​Massage is a great compliment of prenatal heath and can reduce stress and discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Using sidelying and semi-reclined positioning, the mother to be can feel comfortable and able to relax while receiving her treatment.  

60min $80

Hot Stone Massage 

​This massage uses a combination of hot stones and soothing massage. The hot stones are used as an extension of the hand and are also placed on target areas that need extra attention. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles.      

60/90min $90/$120

Rain Drop Aromatherapy Massage

Using the healing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils, each oil is dropped like raindrops onto the body and gently massaged in with a feathering motion. Unlike traditional massage, this utilizes eight essential oils that promote relaxation and stress relief, offer immune support, decrease pain and inflammation and elevate mood. Through a specific application technique the oils stimulate homeostasis in the body. Although a gentle technique, it is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. 

60min  $80

Herbal Poultice Massage 

​This technique uses a combination of massage with the application of a steamy, hot and warm herbal compress to help soothe muscle aches and pain. The round cotton bundles contain herbs that are helpful to treat inflammation of muscles, and detox the body. These warm herbal compresses are applied with the right pressure throughout the body. 

60/90min  $90/$115

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

A sacred healing that incorporates the hawaiian concept of Aloha (love and harmony). Using the arm from forearm to wrist with fluid, rhythmic motion to influence balance within the mind and body. Long strokes are used to help treat the body as a whole and not separately. This massage uses a gentle but deep approach to work with the muscles to help them relax and release. 

​60/90min  $85/$110